BCU Life Skills Centre's Training Courses

 Hot food being served at the BCU Drop-in

This food hygiene course gives an opportunity for those who require a food hygiene certification to obtain employment

BCU offers a number of courses that are designed to enable either progress into employment or to enable people who want to volunteer their services to local charities.

Course are designed and run by a professional tutor and include First Aid, Paediatric First Aid and Hygiene Skills.

The courses are run free of charge to those attending but course handbooks and certificates of completion are charged for to cover these sundry costs.

Referrals to the various courses may be made from other local organisations, such as See-Tec, BVSC and the Job Centre, and individuals can apply themselves.

Forthcoming Events

Various free courses take place throughout the year and include: Food Hygiene; Health & Safety: First Aid (Paediatric and Emergency); Self Development (Self Esteem, Confidence Building, Stress Awareness and Management). These are run subject to funding.

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