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 Christmas dinner provided by the staff at BCU Life Skills Centre

Service user enjoying their Christmas dinner provided by the staff at BCU Life Skills Centre

At some point in our lives all of us are likely to experience an event that will have a deep and profound effect on our welfare. We may suffer a loss, such as a divorce or bereavement, an accident or illness, redundancy and/or unemployment, physical, mental or emotional abuse at home or in the community, or any number of other things that undermine our feelings of self worth and wellbeing, our personal safety and security or our sense of belonging.

There are many organizations out there to help us deal with these situations, not the least of which is Local Government and the various companies and charities it delegates to, as well as the NHS, Social Services and the Welfare and Benefits system. However, not everyone knows how to access the services they offer and some may be overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of the rules, regulations and bureaucracy imposed upon them. Others may simply fall through the net.

Many of us are fortunate to have around us our own support group, our family and friends, employers and work colleagues, who rally round and help us to get through these difficult times.

Others are not so fortunate, or feel unable to confide in someone they know, and the effect on their mental, emotional and physical health can be both traumatic and long lasting. Feeling rejected by the system and society at large may give rise to feelings of failure and low self esteem, to feelings of despair and hopelessness. Or perhaps feelings of being shamed and humiliated, leading to frustration and anger.

BCU aims to fill some of the gaps left by these organizations, not to replace them but to supplement them, and hopefully to reach some of those that might otherwise be overlooked.

The number and type of services BCU is able to provide is limited by the amount of charitable funding it can obtain year by year. There are currently six types of service being offered, see below, all of which are being offered free of charge unless otherwise stated.

The ethos of BCU is to be respectful, understanding and compassionate and to treat everyone who comes through its doors on equal terms. This underpins the provision of all the services offered and described on the accompanying pages .

Forthcoming Events

Various free courses take place throughout the year and include: Food Hygiene; Health & Safety: First Aid (Paediatric and Emergency); Self Development (Self Esteem, Confidence Building, Stress Awareness and Management). These are run subject to funding.

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