BCU Life Skills Centre's Listening Service

 Qualified helper and helpee

BCU Life Skills Centre Qualified listener

BCU Life Skill Centre has identified the need for a one-to one confidential listening service within the Bexley area. To fulfil this need, a free listening service has been set up to provide support for people experiencing personal or social problems, who feel they have no one to turn too.

Although this is not a counselling service, the helpers work within the same ethical frame work as counsellors, therefore providing a safe and confidential environment. All helpers are trained to level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills and have the skills to help the helpee talk about their problems.

There are many reasons why someone may require to use our listening service. Currently this service has helped people who:

  • Feel lonely and isolated.
  • Are anxious or depressed
  • Need someone to talk about a problem without feeling judged or told what to do.
  • Are on a waiting list for counselling.
  • Need help but do not want counselling.

If you feel you would like to use this service contact BCU Life Skill Centre so an appointment can be arranged. Click Here for BCU Life Skills contact details.

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