BCU Life Skills Centre's Womens' Support Group

 A BCU volunteer preparing sandwiches for lunch at the woman's support group

A BCU volunteer preparing sandwiches for lunch at the woman's support group

Many women experience difficult and distressing situations. Some may suffer domestic abuse, the loss of a husband or partner, unemployment and low income, the stress and anxiety of caring for others, the responsibility of being a lone parent. All of these things and many, many more can make a woman feel isolated and alone.

The Women's Support Group provides an opportunity for women to meet with others, perhaps trying to deal with the same or similar situations as themselves, in a group that is facilitated by a senior BACP accredited counselor, who is professionally trained in giving women the support they need.

Referrals may be made by GPs, mental health teams, Women's Aid and other such groups, and individuals may also refer themselves.

Potential clients are seen first by the Centre's Coordinator who makes an assessment of their suitability for the group. One-to-One counseling may be deemed to be more suitable to the individual's situation.

The nature of the support group means that a limit has to be placed on the number of group members at any one time.

The support group takes place in a safe environment with no adult males present except for a long term volunteer who acts as doorkeeper to the Centre.

Refreshments (tea, coffee, and sandwiches etc) are available but are charged for at a reasonable cost.

Forthcoming Events

Various free courses take place throughout the year and include Stress Awareness and Management; Basic Food Hygiene; First Aid (Paediatric and Emergency). These are run subject to funding.

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